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Teaching Methodologies

A wise person once described a school as a building that has four walls …. with tomorrow inside. The teaching methodologies embody this idea – by giving its students the strong roots they need to soar successfully into the future ……

Montessori classes form the basis of the formal schooling. A child’s first experience in the school is an anxious time for both the child and the parents, a reason why we take special care for creating a warm, welcoming and cheerful environment, in which children feel secure and happy. An environment that makes them want to come to school each morning and where teachers become one of the most important persons in their life. Our facilitators live up to a trusting child’s expectations – caring, friendly and fair, yet firm and discipline-conscious when needed. We provide a classroom where the learning environment is designed to be bright and friendly with ample space for supervised play and carefully selected range of toys, learning aids, craft materials and books encouraging intellectual inquisitiveness and socialization. A well planned curriculum aims at the emotional, cognitive, social and physical being of each child, who is encouraged and motivated to work independently and in groups.The parents are updated about the performance and learning skills on a regular basis.

Primary School follows a student-friendly, student-centered and interactive approach to learning wherein a balanced breadth of academic coverage is ensured which neither overburdens the student, nor is it superficial. Importance is given to both the scholastic and co-scholastic areas with regard to attributes such as life skills, moral values, sports & games as well as co-curricular activities.

The Senior school aims at providing the students with diverse experiences and opportunities, which not only help build their confidence and maturity, but enable them to grow into thoughtful, flexible and resilient young adults capable of meeting the challenges in future. We follow the CBSE curriculum in the framework laid down by the NCERT. The five essential elements – concepts, knowledge skills, attitudes, action are incorporated in the teaching learning process, so that students are given the opportunity to:

  • gain knowledge that is relevant and of global significance
  • develop an understanding of concepts, which allows them to make connections throughout their learning
  • acquire disciplinary and trans disciplinary skills
  • instill a love for learning, to keep an open mind and to keep questioning.

We believe that every child has the right to achieve their potential. That’s why we work hard to create a learning and social environment in which they are supported to overcome their weaknesses, encouraged to make the most of their strengths and individually nurtured so that they can flourish.