Congratulations Divya Verma for scoring 95% in 10th exams.... 100% Pass Result in the Board exams...


Visitors to our school remark that our students are happy, comfortable in their own skin, and look you in the eye. These simple, yet timeless virtues are the result of combining rigorous academics with arts, athletics, community service, 21st Century technological literacy, and outdoor education. It’s a lot, but so are the challenges of the future. As true preparation for college and life, it is our firm belief that teaching a child how to use information responsibly is just as important as learning the information itself.

The result of this program are young men and women of the utmost social and emotional development– mature, confident, respectful, grounded, and upstanding, who are comfortable speaking in public, at ease in leadership positions, and happy working independently. Involved in their communities, GFPS students display integrity and awareness, and become ready not just to succeed in world, but poised to actively, positively contribute to it.

After school, the lessons learned at GFPS stay with our alumni. They not only do well, but also good, and the effects of the life lessons taught at GFPS are evident in the career paths they choose.